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Fun Day Sunday: OpeRAtion “Into the Storm” 2014 Web Site Launches for RA Fans Planning Film Viewing Gatherings, June 8, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1)

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Fans of the exquisitely talented British Actor Richard Crispin Armitage–aka Richard Armitage, orzzzPost#1--RichardArmitage_pix6_FaveBritArtistof2013Jun0714ranet-and-TheAnglophileChannel-sized simply RA [(1) right] — have made friends around the world in our blogging, tweeting, chatting, vidding, fan ficcing, graphic arting, and such.  And, we like meeting up with each other to view and to support RA’s artistic projects almost as we would enjoy (or have enjoyed, for some of you) meeting the man himself, Richard Armitage.  Almost. Ha!

So as the dates of the world wide release of RA’s latest film project “Into the Storm” approach, zzInto-the-storm-us-movie-poster-faketicket_May1814its-wb_wcredits-GratianaLovelace-manipseveral of us RA Fans have been talking about gathering together to view the film its opening weekend to support Richard Armitage and his film.   Opening weekend ticket sales can make or break a film’s subsequent success.   With the reasoning being that the more people who see a film–and the bigger the box office sales–this encourages others to give a film a chance and see the film, thus increasing overall box office sales and a film’s ranking of success based on ticket sales.

For more about the film, visit the official Into the Storm movie site, view the teaser trailer released by Warner Bros. Pictures here, and like “Into the Storm” on Facebook. Below from the Facebook page is an action shot from “Into the Storm” featuring Nathan Kress (far left) portraying Trey, son to Richard Armitage’s character Gary Morris (middle), who is shielding storm chaser Allison Stone portrayed by Sarah Wayne Callies (far right). The list of filmmakers for “Into the Storm” include Producer Todd Garner, Director Steven Quale and writer John Swetnam, among others. Produced by Broken Road Productions and New Line Cinema, “Into the Storm” is a Warner Bros. Pictures production.


There are about nine cities/regions mentioned so far where RA Fans have indicated to me that they are willing to try to plan an “Into the Storm” viewing gathering in their region, or they would like to attend a viewing gathering (in the U.S. except where noted):

Atlanta Georgia                    Chicago Illinois                      Berkshire/London (England)

Boulder Colorado                   Los Angeles California         New York City New York

Portland Oregon                   Toronto, Canada                    Washington, D.C.

It is helpful to have two or three people organizing each city’s/region’s event so you can share the planning details. But we hope these events will be low stress for the organizers–identifying movie theatre venues and a time to see the film in their region, publicizing that information here and elsewhere, with potential attendees indicating their plans to attend and buying their own tickets ahead of time. Keeping this film viewing planning streamlined and not overwhelmingly complicated is key to having fun Operation “Into the Storm” 2014 gatherings for everyone.

For example, myself, saraobsessed, Obscura, and others are working together to plan a Chicago pIntotheStorm2014ChicagoViewingPosterJun0714GratianaLovelace_200x343sidebarsizelocated RA Fans meet up “Into the Storm” film viewing on Saturday, August 9th [(2) right] –lunch, see film, chat after film–with potential additional activities (site seeing, dinner, etc.) for those of us who might travel into town the day or night before (on Aug. 8th).  Hey!  What happens in Chicago, stays in Chicago.  Ha!    So we are also looking into seeing if we can get a discount rate for a block of rooms, restaurants, etc. And as a further enticement, I have offered to pay for the movie ticket, popcorn, and drink (up to $20) of the RA Fan who travels to Chicago from the farthest away–or we can take up a $1 collection when we arrive for that purpose–in case we want to have two prizes, etc.

But some Operation “Into the Storm” 2014 film viewing events might simply be RA Fans meeting up to see the film and maybe chatting afterward.  And that is okay–we are each supporting Richard Armitage’s film in our own way.  Whatever organizers want to plan for their event is fine–as long as “they” plan it. And the simplest is RA Fans viewing the film its opening weekend by themselves even if there isn’t a fan gathering in their region. All RA Fans viewing formats support Richard Armitage and his film, “Into the Storm”. It’s all good.

And I am also hoping to share ideas with other RA Fans organizing a viewing gathering in their area by creating this general web site where the organizers of each region’s events may share their information with potential attendees and everyone else. In the coming weeks,I will work on setting up sub pages to this website  for each of the cities/regions that have people willing to organize a gathering.  And I will ask those organizers to email me their text and graphics so I can begin to setup their event information pages. I will email them this coming week with this site’s new email address.

I am also going to see if Warner Brothers Pictures or New Line Cinemas have small promotional items for “Into the Storm” to give away–such as lanyards, key chains, or t-shirts, etc.–and plan to ask if they might make them available to us as a group or for door prizes.  So closer to the event, I will need each organizer to let me know their potential numbers and then I will make one request for all of us.  Fingers crossed. That way, the producers/studio are not receiving multiple requests.

Please use the “Contact Operation Into the Storm 2014 Admin” link to contact me with your general ideas or questions.  Or, if a particular post invites your response or vote on a poll, please comment/vote with that post. When we have contact information publicized for the individual cities/regions that might have an RA Fans Operation “Into the Storm” 2014 film viewing event, I will ask that you contact those lead organizers directly for questions related specifically to their event planning.

My hope is to post a featured article about OpeRAtion “Into the Storm” 2014–either written by me orzzzPost#1--ArmitageFansGoogleMapLink_Jun0714TannniStradeDeCom by one of the other regional film viewing event organizers– on “Fun Day” Sundays, but perhaps not every Sunday, until we get closer to the initial release of “Into the Storm” and our RA Fans film viewing gathering events in North America on August 8-10th.  Then if there are RA Fans planning film viewing events in other countries–because Richard Armitage Fans live literally around the world, right (Go Global Team Armitage! Ha!)–and you want to share your information on this site, I am happy to make a sub page for you and post pertinent information related to your event that you provide to me.

I am initially building this website as of June 7th, 2014. I hope to include helpful links across the top and along the right sidebar of this website as I develop them. I am still learning how to use this particular “theme” or web site format, so please bear with me as we go along. So there will be inevitable tweaks and additions. I am counting upon my fellow RA Fans to gently make suggestions about features to this web site to make it as user friendly as possible.  Some suggestions we will able to do, and some not–because we are using a free website template, and super duper whiz bang features often cost money.  Ha!

zzzPost#1--RichardArmitageasJohnProctorPortrait_Jun0114TheOldVicIn closing, let me give a heartfelt cheer for the man whom we all so admire–as much for his talented acting and storytelling as for his kind and gentlemanly demeanor and his witty self-effacing humor–Richard Armitage. And oh yeah, love that riveting piercing gaze and smoulder of his.  Sighhhh!  *THUD*

Thanks and Cheers!   Grati  June 8, 2014
aka Gratiana Lovelace


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