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Tornado Tuesday: NYC Premiere Clean Up Detail with Richard Armitage & Cast of Into the Storm, August 5, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #15)

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Dear  Friends,

@NBNathanKress (Thanks!) fan tweeted this lovely “family” shot of the main actors for Into the Storm at the NYC premiere (below):

LtoR: Nathan Kress, Sarah Wayne Callies, Richard Armitage, and Max Deacon.

This does it for me Monday night after a long workday that was supposed to be the start of vacation for me.  So Tuesday will be the ReAl start to my vacation.

So let’s share all the lovely pictures, videos. etc., together on Tuesday.

Cheers! Grati ;->

P.S. I’ll try to post Into the Storm Premiere links  in the comments below that I come across.But if you’re a blogger or RA fan with a picture/vid/article link or blog post about the Into the Storm Premiere, please share the URL and description below.


Stormy Sunday: Chicago Itinerary Checklist for OpeRAtion Into the Storm 2014 RA Fans Film Viewing Gathering, August 03, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #14)

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pIntotheStorm2014ChicagoViewingPosterJun0714GratianaLovelace_400x686--sizedlargerIf you are joining us for our planned Chicago or New York City RA Fans seeing the exquisitely talented IntotheStorm--RichardArmitageasGary_MovieNewsPlus3-25Jul14_Aug0214ranetBritish actor Richard Armitage’s (image of his in character as Gary, right) new film Into the Storm on Saturday August 9th, hopefully you have already started your travel planning.  We are seven days away from our RA Fans meet ups in Chicago and in New York City on August 9th.

Please be sure to complete the Contact Form by Thursday Aug. 7th on this web site (see tab on home page above) to let us know that you will be joining us.  I/Grati need accurate counts for lunch and dinner reservations (everyone pays their own way).

And with all of the rave reviews coming from people who saw the film in previews, Into the Storm is sure to be an exciting film.  In this interview hyperlinked here, Into the Storm Director Steven Quale.talks about the special effects challenges of the film.

SpReAd-the-Love-Into-the-Storm-Challenge_Aug0214Jazzbaby1But tornadoes are serious business–not for the faint of heart–and lives are devastated each year when they strike.  So as a tie-in to the movie Into the Storm, there is a SpReAd the Love plan to make a donation to disaster relief organizations via the SpReAd the Love campaign with each act of kindness given or received.  I’m donating a pint of my blood on Monday to our local Red Cross agency.  Won’t you also consider sharing a kindness given or received–especially within the RA Fandom?  Your sharing will put money into  disaster relief organizations coffers via an anonymous donor. Thanks to Jazzbaby1 and Obscura for organizing this SpReAd the Love tie-in to the Into the Storm film.


Below is a Detailed Itinerary for our Chicago August 9th OpeRAtion Into the Storm 2014 RA Fans Gathering (everybody pays their own expenses):

11:45am meet at Macy’s 111 N. State Street Chicago at their Walnut Room (I’m making us a reservation for 10TheWalnutRoom-description-by-OpenTable_Jul2614crop2 people so far) for 12noon lunch (Macy’s was formerly known as Marshall Fields);  arrive early at 11:30am and go to Macy’s lower level Visitor Center to buy a $35 Shopping Package (see right), the gift card may be used toward Macy’s purchases, including lunch at the Walnut Room; and you also get a neat Macy’s shopping bag and the traditional chocolate Frango mints, etc.  Note that for the 10% off visitors pass part of the shopping package, Macy’s said that that promotion  is only for people who live 200 or more miles away.
1:30 – 4pm site seeing and shopping (we can split up if people’s interests vary); here are some choices:
* shopping a bit at Macy’s after lunch (note that Macy’s shopping package deal mentioned above (and detailed in the graphic below)

* walking from Macys to the Art Institute, we could just take a leisurely window shopping stroll along State Street and Michigan Avenue

* please note that the Art Institute of Chicago (AIC) has purse size limit guidelines and handy $1/item bag checking for Art-Institute-of-Chicago-Exhibitions_Aug0214AICitems not allowed into the museum.  And here is the Art Institute’s admission fees page  (the range seems to be $14 – $23);  Current AIC exhibitions (sample below) are eclectically divine for those of us who like the French impressionists (tons of Monet haystack paintings), modern masters, blown glass paperweights, art and artifacts from antiquity, etc. The AIC is a feast of cultures and histories from around the world and also from our own backyard.  You will find me making a beeline for  the  blue hued splendor of the Chagall windows when we arrive. And as a finale to your visit, the AIC has the most fabulous Museum Gift Store!
* Millennium Park–an outdoor garden, playground, cultural venue that has, among other things, the much touted bean (that silvery mirrored thingy, ha!)

shopping at Navy Pier; someone indicated that there is a free trolley or bus for transportation within Navy Pier’s shops and such
* Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower)–the tallest building in the world for a really long time
*  etc.

Millennium-Park-logo_Aug0214cityofchicago-crop-url  Willis_Tower_Chicago_Aug0214WillisTower


Art Institute of Chicago maps of exhibits:

Art-Institute-of-Chicago-Floor1Map_Aug0214AIC  Art-Institute-of-Chicago-Floor2Map_Aug0214AIC

4:30pm arrive for 5:00pm viewing of Into the Storm at AMC River East 21 Movie  Theatre at 322 E. Illinois Street, Chicago;  Please be sure to buy your movie tickets online days ahead of time at Fandango to avoid the problem of the movie being sold out;  My ticket says auditorium 10, in case they are showing the film  in two theatre auditoriums at the same time

7:00pm we head to dinner after the movie to decompress,  unwind, and review the film (the restaurant is tba, the AMC River East 21 Movie Theatre has MacGuffin’s Bar & Lounge, or other restaurant  at nearby Navy Pier  that we decide upon) ;  then after?

Please note that transportation between venues that are not within easy walking distance of each other will be by hailing a taxi at each individual’s expense.

P.S. My room at the hotel reservations I booked for Homewood Suites by Hilton Chicago that is centrally located at 160 E. Huron (formerly the Crowne Plaza) in Chicago, near Michigan Avenue. Their phone is (312) 585-9333 should you also wish to book a room–we do not have a block of rooms, but you might still be able to get a reservation.  These are nicely sized suites that are the most economical I found–everything else for only a single room was 2 or 3 times this.  And the Hilton hotel reservation folks cut me a deal as a government employee (for just under $200).  Snap! So if anyone needs a place to stay Saturday night and wants to split this hotel cost with me, please contact me via this blog’s contact form.   Thanks!

Register for August 9th Chicago Into the Storm RA Fans Viewing Event and Vote for Other Activities, July 27, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #13)

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We–Grati, Sara, & Obscura, etc.–are in the final planning stages for our RA Fans Meet up in Chicago, Illinois (above) to see the film Into the Storm starring the exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage on Saturday, August 9th, 2014 (with RA Fans purposely viewing the film its opening weekends around the world to promote a bigger box office dollar ranking as part of our OpeRAtion Into the  Storm 2014 RA Fans grassroots promotion).


1.  So now we are at the point where we really need you to tell us if you will be joining us. So we ask that each person joining us, to please go to this web site’s contact page (either click here or go to the tab above) and complete and submit the following information by Friday, August 1st:

a) please list your name, you may use your pseudonyms/handle; the page will also ask you for your email address (this makes sure that you are not a bot, and no one but Grati sees this, and if I/Grati send out an email to attendees about our event as we get closer to the event, you will be bccd so no one else has your email address); If you are attending the Chicago event with an SO, friend, sibling, etc., you can indicate that in the comment section of the contact form if you wish, but they should register in their own contact form;

b) in the comment section of the contact form, please indicate what city you will be traveling from. Because I/Grati will personally reimburse that person for the movie ticket and popcorn/drink (up to $20 in cold hard cash, Ha!) of the one person joining us from farthest away–other OpeRAtion Into the Storm 2014 planners/organizers are not eligible to receive this gift; However, you should buy your ticket ahead of time (online if possible). If two or more people join us from cities that are equally far away, the $20 will be split amongst them. Obviously, you must be present to win this. Ha!

c) also in the comment section of the contact form, please indicate if you have any special needs to make your participation more enjoyable/comfortable; however, you are responsible for your own accommodation–bring your own wheelchair, etc.–but if we are made aware of your issue ahead of time, we can choose venues that are easier to navigate, or restaurants that offer a gluten free food option on their menu, etc. (for example, my arthritis means that I choose places that have elevator options in addition to stairs); if you have a care giver who assists you, you are responsible for their costs. Also, if you use a service animal, please check with the venues (movie theatre, stores, restaurants) ahead of time to insure that you will not be caught unawares by their having different rules for service animals than you expect.

Nota Bene: If you are planning to attend the New York City August 9th gathering, please email the organizer at


2. A couple of things to keep in mind for your visit to Chicago and joining us for this OpeRAtion Into the Storm 2014 (above) RA Fans meet up, to make your experience more enjoyable:

a)       You will not pay this site OpeRAtion Into the Storm 2014 anything.  We are a bunch of friends getting together for a fun weekend.  Everyone is responsible for their own costs for travel, food, lodging, etc. and for their own costs for seeing the film, Into the Storm.  So be sure to buy your movie ticket ahead of time–either online at Fandango (see below) or earlier in the day on August 9th;

b)      Chicago is hot in Summer, but buildings are well air conditioned–so wear clothing layers that you can adapt for your comfort;  sensible and comfortable shoes are also a good idea;

c)      this event is for adults aged 18 and up; for your reference, the drinking age in Illinois is 21 (in case the lunch and dinner restaurants we go to serve alcohol);  but if you don’t or can’t drink alcohol, don’t feel sheepish,  I/Grati don’t drink either (for health reasons);




3. And, a final poll to help the Chicago event organizers keep your wishes in mind as we make final plans, and hope to please the majority of attendees.  Your preferred OpeRAtion Into the Storm Chicago itinerary is (note that it is the lunch and afternoons that are different in each option):


For reference, here are some venue links:


Lunch and shopping:

The Walnut Room in Macy’s           Navy Pier (w/free trolley service)


Site Seeing:         

Art Institute of Chicago     Navy Pier              The Water Tower & Shopping         Willis Tower (the old Sears Tower)
Field Museum     Shedd Aquarium                Millenium Park


Movie Theatres with a 5pm Saturday Aug. 9th Into the Storm show time:

AMC River East 21             Fandango ticket sales for AMC River East 21


Showplace Icon Theatre at Roosevelt (Fandango has no ITS Aug. 9th movie listings for Icon Showplace at this time)


And just for fun–and to whet our appetites for seeing the film Into the Storm starring Richard Armitage–Sahraobsessed shares her non-spoiler review after having seen an early preview of the film (with more recently released ITS stills here):



And finally, if you would like to let other RA Fans know that you will be joining us for the OperRAtion Into the Storm 2014 Chicago event–in case that encourages others to attend so they can meet up with us–please indicate that below in a comment to this post.  Thanks and Cheers!


NYC Event Update!  OpeRAtion “Into the Storm” 2014 in NYC is August 9th!  July 22, 2014 Marie Astra (Post #12)

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The New York City INTO THE STORM RICHARD ARMITAGE FAN EVENT will take place on Saturday, August 9th.

We will be meeting up at the David Rubinstein Atrium, which is at 61 qaIntotheStorm2014RAFansViewing-NYCAug9th_Jul2114GratianaLovelaceW 62 St (entrance on west side of Broadway between 61st and 62nd streets), between 2:00 PM and 3:30. There is a sandwich shop there, so if anyone wants a sandwich/snack/coffee/whatever, we can get it there.

Please buy your ticket to the 4:25 Into the Storm show at the AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 theater, which is at 1998 Broadway, corner of W. 68th St., BEFORE you come to the Atrium.

We will be going to 4:25 pm show of Into the Storm. We plan to get to the theater at W. 68th St. & Broadway about 4:00 pm. If you want to meet us, but couldn’t meet earlier, we will be on the corner of W. 68th St. & Broadway at 4:00 PM. After that we will go into the theater.

After the show, we are planning to go have dinner at a diner or pizza place, depending on how many people want to go. It will be great fun to meet up after the show to talk about the movie!

Note: Please remember to buy your movie ticket ahead of meeting us at the David Rubinstein Atrium or at the theater!

Please get in touch with me at if you are going to join us or if you have any questions! Thanks!


P.S.  The updated information Marie shared in her blog post above will also be posted in the NYC event tab in the event menu in the horizontal navigation strip above.  Please note that current information is always at the top of the event tab windows.

P.S.  Related info:  Two weeks ago, Marie had a blog post that shared a link for aIntotheStormStill3--RichardArmitageandSarahCalliesinCulvert_Jun0814ITSFB-sized new Richard Armitage interview where he talks about his role in the film  “Into the Storm”. Here is her blog post URL with that article link (image right of actors Richard Armitage and Sarah Wayne Callies is  from Into the Storm on FB):



Stormy Sunday: Richard Armitage’s New Film “Into the Storm” opens in US on August 8th, But Advance Screenings Abound, July 20, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #11)

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Into-theStorm2014--RichardArmitage-etal_WarnerBros_Jul2014IntotheStormmoviecom-sized-crop-flipNow we’re still encouraging you to attend a screening of exquisitely talented British Into-the-Storm-movie-poster-ad_Jul1914_tumblr_n8xkaqixdo1tvbqdro1_1280-sizedactor Richard Armitage’s (left) new film “Into the Storm”(right) opening weekend wherever you live–for the U.S., that is the weekend of August 8-10th, 2014:


And several of us RA’s Fans are planning to gather in Chicago (Aug. 9), New York (date tba), and Atlanta (Aug. 8) to see the film together.  This week,  I bought my train ticket to Chicago for August 9th. Snap!

But if you just can’t wait to see the film, Nathan Kress Fan @NBNathanKress shared a link where you can find out about dates and locations for advance screenings of “Into the Storm” (below):


So if you do attend an advanced screening of Into the Storm, please also consider attending the film its opening weekend. Remember, opening weekend box office and word of mouth buzz from movie goers can make or break a film’s success.

P.S.  The  actor Nathan Kress portrays one of Richard Armitage’s Into the Storm character’s Gary Fuller’s sons.

What’s Up Hollywood says Richard Armitage to Attend Into the Storm August 4th NYC Premiere, July 18, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #10)

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Michaela Servetus (Thanks!) provides a link on her MeandRichard Armitage blog to What’s Up Hollywood (see image below) stating that Richard Armitage is slated to attend the Monday August 4, 2014 NYC premiere of his new film “Into the Storm”.



The exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage (image left) on this side of IntotheStorm-RichardArmitageinRainSep1012toddgarnerlargethe pond again? Outstanding! And he won’t even miss a performance of his play The Crucible at The Old Vic Theatre in London. Snap!



P.S. However, please don’t forget our RA Fans grassroots effort to see the film, Into the Storm, it’s opening weekends around the world. Box office opening weekends can make or break a film–high rates of attendance and word of mouth convince other people to see the film.

I have already bought my train ticket for our Chicago RA Fans gathering to watch Into the Storm together on August 9th in Chicago.  And it was very inexpensive since I purchased my ticket so far in advance. So don’t delay if you have to make travel plans.


And I’ve read some tweets or FB posts from Richard Armitage US that they might get a chance to attend a preview screening of Into the Storm July 31st. But,of course, they’re still encouraging fans to attend the August 8th Atlanta, Georgia RAFans gathering to watching Into the Storm together

Stormy Sunday: “Into the Storm” Early Preview Showings “Garner” Positive Buzz per MeandRichard Tweet Review, July 13, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #09)

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Hundreds of people across the US and around the world were delighted to attend early preview showings of the talented British actor Richard Armitage’s new film being released in August 2014 called Into the Storm. From New Line Cinema and Village Roadshow Pictures, Into the Storm is a Warner Bros. Pictures film produced by Todd Garner (yes, the title of this post was a shameless pun), directed by Steven Quale, and written by John Swetnam (synopsis found here, under top left menu link). You might have heard of it. Ha!

If not, look at the top of this blog. We’re a grassroots fan based OpeRAtion twzpaOpeRAtionIntotheStorm2014GravatarJun0814GratianaLovelace_600x428cropInto the Storm 2014 group encouraging Richard Armitage fans to see the film its opening weekend in their area around the world–to help boost box office film rankings and support the success of the film. And we are even planning some low key RA Fan gatherings to watch the film together and then debrief after. Snap! See tabs above for more logistics soon for the Chicago, New York City, and Atlanta gatherings.

And how do we know that we will enjoy a film about tornadoes when some of us are more cravat, corset, and crinoline Jane Austen and other period drama oriented fans? Well take a gander at Michaela Servetus’ (Thanks!) recent blog post gathering a nice cross section of dozens of people’s tweets of their reactions to the film Into the Storm after seeing it during film previews–with audience tweets running 90% positive via a quick perusal by Servetus.  Outstanding! It seems that seeing other people overcome life threatening challenges appeals to many of us. Perhaps it is the Walter Mitty in us–hoping that we will rise to the occasion if we are faced with difficult circumstances.


Audiences love the film! So if you’re like me, then you are now even more impatient to see Richard Armitage’s new film Into the Storm being released on August 8th in the US.

P.S. ***Spoiler Alert*** And according to Saraobsessed who is helping to plan our Chicago Into the Storm gathering viewing on August 9th–she was a lucky lady in one of the Into the Storm preview showings last week–Richard Armitage’s character’s name is now Gary Fuller (formerly Gary Morris). A character name change is not so strange considering the film Into the Storm, itself, has gone through several name changes:   Category Six (too hurricane like), Black Sky (actually, it is more green), and now Into the Storm.

And the new last name for Richard Armitage’s character to Fuller seems an interesting change, considering when I was doing a guessing game on RA’s character’s name over on my regular blog almost two years ago, I looked at how a name sounds, and at the counties in Oklahoma, and other naming schemes, but Fuller was not on my radar. So much for my guessing ability–at least on the last name. Ha!

However, there is a country singer named Gary Morris who made famous the song “The Wind Beneath My Wings” (see video below). And if the Into the Storm filmmakers had kept Richard Armitage’s character’s name Gary Morris, it would have been quite a prosaic character name for a movie about tornadoes (winds times 100) and an everyman father challenged by circumstances to become a hero to his sons and to others.

However Gary Fuller still works as a regular guy hero name.   That’s the thing about real heroes and their names. In real life, it is their deeds of courage and kindness, or of expertise, or of uplifting social reform bettering a society that inspire us–and then their names become synonymous with hope. I think of Lenny Skutnick, of Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, and of Jane Addams to name a few familiar individuals in the US. They were not born into greatness, yet their deeds and actions and lives made them great.

And for Richard Armitage’s Into the Storm character of Gary Fuller (image RichardArmitage-asGaryMorris-inIntotheStorm-23Aug2012_Jun1514ranet-sizedright), a man trying to save his sons and the students in his charge from a deadly natural disaster? As shared by the film’s studio, Warner Bros. Pictures, quoted below is how Mr. Armitage described his perspective about why humans are so fascinated with heroic tales in the face of adversity–inspiration:


Richard Armitage will no doubt bring his own wealth of humanity and his own immeasurable personal dignity to the role he portrays of Gary Fuller in Into the Storm.

P.S.  Updates after tweeting this post link:

A real life meteorologist and storm chaser, Jaclyn Whittal of The Weather Network (TWN) and broadcaster likes the film “Into the Storm” (for more about Ms. Whittal, visit

And saving the best for last, “Into the Storm” Producer Todd Garner appreciates our OpeRAtion “Into the Storm” 2014 grassroots efforts:



P.S. And finally, here is that Gary Morris song: “Gary Morris – The Wind Beneath My Wings [stereo LP version]” a video by mroldmusic1