OpeRAtion Into the Storm 2014 Event (general info)

Welcome!  This page contains some general information about OpeRAtion “Into the Storm” 2014 planning.

Update 6/15/15 by Grati

mOpeRAtion-IntotheStorm-2014-bookmark-staticspace-WarnerBrosJun0714GratianaLovelace_2400x566Now that several of us Fans/Admirers of the exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage have expressed interest in proactively supporting his new film “Into the Storm” by viewing the film its opening weekends around the world, the next phase of planning various OpeRAtion “Into the Storm” 2014 (left) city/region events begins.

Visit here for a brief synopsis of the film, “Into the Storm”, about how people must RichardArmitage-CinemaCon2014-QuoteaboutHumanSpirit_Jun1514WarnerBrosPicturesconfront a natural disaster–in the form of deadly tornadoes–to save themselves and others in a dramatic story about survival and courage. Or as the “Into the Storm” film’s star Richard Armitage stated recently (right) at Cinema Con 2014 in March 2014, “But even more powerful is the human spirit.” Well said. And with the film’s special effects masters creating fearsome images as in the gifs below, “Into the Storm” will surely keep us on the edge of our seats:


Some of the earliest opening weekends for “Into the Storm” are in North America (where I am) the weekend of August 8 – 10th–for the U.S. and Canada. For other countries’ opening weekend dates, visit the Warner Bros. Pictures site here.   Other August 8th film release date countries are Estonia, India, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, and Taiwan.   Though, you will see that Eastern Europe and elsewhere have a slight edge with some release dates as early as August 6th (Belgium, France, Switzerland/French), August 7th (Croatia, Czech Republic, Puerto Rico, Malaysia, Phillipines, Russia, Serbia & Montenegro, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Thailand, and Ukraine).

Everywhere else in the world has “Into the Storm” film release dates that occur a little later–it is a trade off of a longer to wait to see the film, balanced with there 2009-vector-world-map-com-v2.2_Jun1514GraphicsFactoryCC-sizedis more film viewing gathering planning time. So if we were to populate the map at right with colored dots with all the “Into the Storm” film release dates, we would see that Warner Bros. Pictures has a very wide international release for the Steven Quale directed film, “Into the Storm”. But due to time constraints that creating such a graphic would require, I will let you imagine the dots. Ha!
Back to OpeRAtion “Into the Storm” 2014 film viewing gathering planning issues:

So for some of us (August 8th in North America, etc), the “Into the Storm” opening weekend–and RAs Fans viewing it that weekend to support it–is just 7 weeks away! So what is a Richard Armitage Fan to do when faced with an imminent Richard Armitage film viewing opportunity and fan gathering opportunity is fast approaching?

I like WWII British poster series of “Keep Calm and Carry On” (example poster at right)keep-calm-and-carry-on-sr229-small-400x400-imadkbp6szktvpdu_Jun1514flipkartcom-sized as a mantra. Keep Calm and Carry On embodies the essence of the British stoicism, resolve, and resiliency which Richard Armitage as a British actor brings with him: it is that stiff upper lip, never get ruffled, and “This blessed spot, this earth, this realm, this England” (Shakespeare, Richard II, Act II) famously quoted by Prime Minister Winston Churchill in one of his many oratorical masterpieces of galvanizing rhetoric that bolstered the English peoples during World War II when their human spirit was sorely tested).  And in admiring a man (RA) and a people (Brits & others) with these qualities, it doesn’t hurt us to try to emulate him and them–stiff upper lip everyone.


And these RA’s Fans “Into the Storm” film viewing events will more agreeably happen if two or more people in a large city or in a region take a deep breath and step forward to say they are willing to help organize something.


Yet, RA Fans “Into the Storm” film viewing event planning can be as simple as checking out theatres and settling on a theatre and viewing time and day, sharing that information to RA’s Fans via this web site and other social media, and inviting people to indicate whether or not they will be able to attend. Then everyone buys their own tickets ahead of time, they show up at the movie theatre, and they watch the film together. Easy peasy!


Or, if you anticipate some people traveling from further away to join your regional film viewing event–as we do for the Chicago gathering–and they might have an overnight, that opens up additional possibilities for RA’s Fans gathering together to chat and gush about you know who the day before the film viewing.

And did I mention?  HAVE FUN!

Note:  We’re hoping to have a fun event to not only see and support Richard Armitage’s new film “Into the Storm”, but also have time to share with our sister RA Fans.  So please share your ideas and suggestions via a comment or the Contact Form for this website. Thanks!


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