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Into the Storm Holds Strong at #4 in Latest Weekend Box Office Rankings, September 1, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #21)

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Just a quick update about how the exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage’s August 2014 released film Into the Storm is doing at the box office.

According to Rentrak (below), Into the Storm is holding strong at the #4 position for last weekend’s box office of  $15,400,000 worldwide–and a to date world wide box office total of $89, 643,370!

IntotheStorm--WorldWideWeekendRankingat#4asofAug3114-viaRentrak_Sept0114GratianaLovelaceCap copy

And, the film has not been released everywhere yet.  So if you are in Poland, Greece, etc., visit this link for the world wide release dates for Into the Storm.

Personally, I think it is very impressive that not only has this $50 million budgeted film Into the Storm–with an additional $20 million plus marketing budget–more than easily made a profit after only three weeks since its August 8th U.S. World Premiere release, but that it continues to hold strong each week against some very heavy hitting films.

To me, the Warner Bros. Pictures film, Into the Storm is the little engine that could of a film.  It took three years to bring Into the Storm into to the theatres due to their initial visual effects provider going bankrupt and then spreading out the Into the Storm cgi visual effects needs to more fifteen companies, per the film’s Director Steven Quale.

Chugging up that mountain toward film release, Into the Storm thought it could be a nice little Summer blockbuster movie, and it did become a nice little Summer blockbuster movie.  Let’s enjoy the film’s trailer once more–before we go back into the theatres ourselves to go back Into the Storm (vid below):


P.S.  And thanks to Faboamanto for tweeting the box office figures link above!