Stormy Sunday: A New “Into the Storm” Movie Poster, July 06, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #7)

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Whenever I am on the lookout for quick basic foundational info about any topic, I turn to Into-the-Storm--RichardArmitage-asGary-with-his-sons-viaItalian-ITS-FB-1-14May14_Jul0614ranet-sizedWikipedia as an initial starting point. No, they did not ask me to say that. Ha! And Saturday night as I was writing this post, Wiki did not disappointment with Wiki having lots of information about the new film “Into the Storm” . “Into the Storm” is the exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage’s (movie still right of Richard Armitage as Gary Morris comforting his sons in the film portrayed by Max Deacon and Nathan Kress) new film that will be released in the US and Canada on August 8, 2014.   You will find other countries release dates here.

Wiki even had a new theatrical release movie poster for “Into the Into-the-Storm-theatrical-release-poster_Jul0614IntotheStormMovieTumblr--sizedStorm” that I hadn’t seen yet. But since the Wiki poster image was small and grainy, I checked back at the main website for “Into the Storm” and retrieved their original version of the new movie poster (right, resized).
So let’s see what this new film poster seems to want to tell us about the film (this is only my interpretation, of course):

1)      Though a trifecta of three menacing tornadoes are the largest elements in the poster, they are in the background while being menacingly destructive. The tornado to the left represents a firenado, a real and chilling phenomenon. The tornado on the right seems to be posing for its picture perfect closeup up–with every cloudy swirl in place. However, it is the middle and largest seeming tornado that is wreaking a path of destruction straight toward the leads of the film. And with the Fujita Scale of tornado destruction being based on how much a tornado eats–as defined by one character in the 1996 tornado movie called Twister–I can’t help thinking that bulge in the middle tornado (just below the ST of the word storm) looks like a mouth–or at least like a snake that has eaten something larger than its own circumference. Ha! So the tornados are an important character in the film–as its antagonists. But they are not the sole focus of the film.

2)      Then tellingly, the human element is in the immediate foreground of the movie poster. There are the film’s two leads Richard Armitage portraying Asst. Principal and father Gary Morris who has his back to us, while he desperately tries to hold on to and save meteorologist storm chaser Alison Stone portrayed by Sarah Wayne Callies to prevent her from getting sucked into the tornado. This depiction of characters Gary and Allison is from a scene in the film–and it is a dramatic moment, the outcome of which we won’t know until we see the film. In disaster films such as “Into the Storm” it is important to have the human drama serve as a touchstone for our feelings and reactions to tornados.

3)      The other element of the new “into the Storm” movie poster above that strikes me is its Into-the-Storm_MockMoviePosterMar2514GratianaLovelace_800x1210Rev2overall blue coloring. Though I’m a big fan of the color blue–mostly navy blue in my china and on my dining room walls (ha!)–the violent thunder and tornado like storms that I have experienced are not a pretty blue. I live in a tornadic area and a greenish red tone to the sky is what we tend to see more often than not when storms are threatening. And a reddish brown haze was the color palette I used when I made my own mock movie poster (right) before the real movie posters came out.

But would the “Into the Storm” official poster look as fetching with a duller color scheme? At Into-the-Storm-theatrical-release-poster_Jul0614IntotheStormMovieTumblr--sized-clrchangeright is an example of what the “Into the Storm” poster looks like with the color tone changed by me (decrease blue, increase red). Hmmm. The natural or more TwistermovieposterJul0714wikiEarthen (pun intended) palette reflected in this poster–while perhaps more accurate, isn’t as appealing. To me, this faked poster color scheme seems muted–thus also muting the intensity of the action and the drama that the filmmakers hope to portray. However, just such an ominous color scheme was used by the film Twister (left) to success.

Ultimately, the primary colors–of red, blue, and yellow–are named primary as such because, in part, from them the other colors can be derived. And it is also because human vision of color interpretation is what is termed trichromatic. We see these colors of red, blue, and yellow, first. So an overall bluish tone used in the official “Into the Storm” movie poster–with splashes of yellow and red flames, to round out the use of primary colors –makes sense.

With 33 days until the August 8th release of “Into the Storm” in the US and Canada, we are assured of seeing more marketing images and more trailer and tv spot videos being released by Warner Bros. Pictures. What will you notice in these marketing efforts? And will they make a difference in your interest in going into the theatres to see “Into the Storm”?

I hope you will see the film, “Into the Storm”, if you are interested in it. And if you are a Richard Armitage fan and you would like to see the film with fellow fans its opening weekend–when box office attendance figures are so important for the public reception to and perception of a film–we hope you will be able to join us in one of the cities where planning is underway (Chicago, New York, and Atlanta, to start). Or at least, view the film in your hometown at your leisure that opening weekend.



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    operationintothestormchicagoadmin responded:
    July 6, 2014 at 2:17 pm

    July 6, 2014–Thanks for liking this post!


    operationintothestormchicagoadmin responded:
    July 6, 2014 at 2:18 pm

    July 6, 2014–“Into the Storm” Producer Todd Garner just tweeted the link for the 2nd TV spot, featuring Richard Armitage, Sarah Wayne Callies, and Nathan Kress.

    operationintothestormchicagoadmin responded:
    July 6, 2014 at 2:41 pm

    July 6, 2014–And here is the link for “Into the Storm” TV spot #3

    operationintothestormchicagoadmin responded:
    July 8, 2014 at 6:48 am

    July 8, 2014–And thanks to RANet for providing the link to TVSpot #1:

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