Extensive Interview with “Into the Storm” Cast and Filmmakers at Live For Films, July 2, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #06)

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Into the Storm Director Steven Quale, Producer Todd Garner–and stars Richard Armitage IntotheStormPoster-horiz-STORM_30Sht_Blue_INTL-zara-600x275_Jun2914liveforfilmsportraying Asst. Principal Gary Morris and father of two and Sarah Wayne Callies portraying meteorologist Allison Stone–discuss the film in the most detail than we have heard or read to date in an interview with Phil Edwards for Live for Films (image right). Thanks to my good friend Kitty for the article link. Here is an excerpt of the article:


“For his part, [Director Steven] Quale hopes Into the Storm lures audiences as much for its awe-inspiring effects as for its compelling human drama. That drama arrives like a one-two punch when a tornado tears through a high school graduation ceremony in America’s Tornado Alley. Vice Principal, teacher, coach and father of two, Gary Morris, played by [Richard] Armitage, forms a quick bond with Sarah Wayne Callies’ Allison Stone, when in a snap moment Gary saves her from one of the tornadoes.

“One of the keys to the character is that he’s a math teacher and football coach,” says Armitage. “So I worked backwards from what he’d be required to do. He’s kind of a sporty guy, but he’s no hero. An extreme event like this becomes about a normal guy, an everyman, having to effectively run into a burning building or dive into water to save a kid. You don’t know if you can do it until that moment presents itself.””


For more of this extensive interview in Live for Films about the Warner Bros. Pictures film Into the Storm, visit:







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