Fun Day Sunday: Updates on OpeRAtion “Into the Storm” 2014 Planning; and Polls, June 29, 2014 Grati, saraobsessed, Obscura; Marie; &RAUS (Post #5)

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So far, we have individuals sharing their OpeRAtion Into the Storm 2014 opening twzpaOpeRAtionIntotheStorm2014GravatarJun0814GratianaLovelace_600x428cropweekends that the exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage’s Fans viewing gathering planning for three cities–Chicago (Aug. 8-9), New York City Aug. 9?), and Atlanta (Aug. 8th, this is a new date).

Please check back regularly for the info in those event tabs above as we build more information about these events and their itineraries. I have shared some of the tentative Chicago itinerary info early–ably assisted by saraobsessed and Obscura who have wonderful ideas–and I will pare down my verbose description in the Chicago tab above. Ha!

Recently Richard Armitage US suggests a tentative itinerary for their Sunday August 10th film viewing in Atlanta, Georgia (US) — Brunch, see the film, then have drinks or dinner after. And finally, more news is pending about a New York City gathering from Marie Astra.


So once again to help with planning–now on this OpeRAtion Into the Storm 2014 event website, here is a little poll:


And as one might expect since we are barely 5 weeks away from the worldwide GratisAltTag-forIntotheStorm-toWB_Jun2714GratiCap-sizedrelease of Into the Storm on August 7th & 8th (US), studio marketing is ramping up for the film.   Here is the latest marketing tag line from Warner Bros. Pictures–and my response to it with my alternative tagline suggest (right):


Though, I think Richard Armitage’s response to an interviewer’s question RichardArmitage-CinemaCon2014-QuoteaboutHumanSpirit_Jun1514WarnerBrosPicturesabout Into the Storm is a succinct synopsis of the film–and a better tagline (right):


You see, disaster films–good ones, IMHO–are ultimately about how people survive, cope, and move forward with their lives after the devastation. And that is why I am interested in seeing Richard Armitage’s new film Into the Storm, opening in the U.S. August 8th–what happens with the people.


But my interest in seeing the film Into the Storm might be very different from yours. So please take the quick poll below if you would like to share your reasons for seeing the film:




P.S. And as an extra treat, pasted below  is the lovely fan made Into the Storm movie poster by Fernanda Matais and earlier shared on The Anglophile Channel’s Facebook page:


 Update July 1, 2014–Please note that RA US planning the Atlanta RA Fans viewing gather has changed their date to Friday, August 8th.  I have noted that change above.


4 thoughts on “Fun Day Sunday: Updates on OpeRAtion “Into the Storm” 2014 Planning; and Polls, June 29, 2014 Grati, saraobsessed, Obscura; Marie; &RAUS (Post #5)

    operationintothestormchicagoadmin responded:
    June 30, 2014 at 1:19 pm

    June 30, 2014–RA US (Thanks!) tweeted the link for a article also about “Into the Storm” where Richard Armitage talks about his character:

    P.S. She also pointed out Mr. Armitage’s mention of “water” in the film. Here is that quoted excerpt fromthe article:

    “How active does the performance get?

    Armitage: Pretty active actually. We’re going to do a lot of wirework, we haven’t quite got to that point yet. I think we’re doing that one day where Allison gets kind of sucked up into the tornado. I’ve got a bit of tank work to do. It’s always water. It wasn’t in the script when I agreed to it. It’s like he dives into a tank of water to save his son. My worst nightmare….”

    Poor RA and water. LOL!

    operationintothestormchicagoadmin responded:
    June 30, 2014 at 1:33 pm

    June 30, 2014–And yet more article links: 35 things to know about Into the Storm

    operationintothestormchicagoadmin responded:
    June 30, 2014 at 6:17 pm

    June 30, 2014–I had meant to post this link I found before I returned to work at lunchtime earlier today. And now ITS Producer Todd Grant has also shared it:

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