Fun Day Sunday: More “Into The Storm” Production Stills Shared, June 22, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #03)

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As reported by RANet this past week, a fan of the  Into the Storm actor Nathan Kress–who portrays Trey, the son of lead actor Richard Armitage in the film who portrays Asst. Principal and Teacher Gary Morris–Twittered new production stills for the August 2014 Into the Storm:


IntotheStorm--RichardArmitage-viaNBNathanKress1-19June14_Jun2214ranet                              IntotheStorm--RichardArmitageandSarahWayneCallies-viaNBNathanKress2-19June14_Jun2214ranet

Richard Armitage as Gary Morris            Richard Armitage and Sarah Wayne Callies as storm chaser Allison Stone


IntotheStorm--RichardArmitage-viaNBNathanKress3-19June14_June2214ranet                             IntotheStorm--NathanKressandRichardArmitage-viaNBNathanKress4-19Jun14_Jun2214ranet

Richard Armitage as Gary Morris           Nathan Kress and Richard Armitage


To view all of the production stills with Richard Armitage in them, visit RANet here.


Into the Storm is a film that seeks to authentically portray the devastation tornadoes wreak upon people and their environment. It is a topic that is not for the faint of heart. It is once again tornado season where I live in the Midwest of the US, in Illinois–and we are always attuned to weather alerts and watchful in case we need to take cover. Last November’s near miss of us–when a nearby town was hit with tornadoes–was a sobering reminder that Tornados can come upon you quickly and without warning. Still our end of town had one foot in diameter electric power poles snapped in two by related windstorms as easily as if they were toothpicks and several buildings and store signs with wind damage that had to be repaired or replaced.

And a few tornados have already hit in neighboring states thus far this Tornado season. Sadly, further West of Illinois in South Dakota, residents recently experienced a violent tornado that devastated Wessington Springs, South Dakota last Wednesday. Happily, no one was killed, but many were injured and dozens lost their homes.


I state this as a reminder that tornadoes are not “fun”. They are not an adventure for “thrill seekers”–despite how much we might marvel at Mother Nature’s wrath. Tornadoes devastate people’s lives. So when we attend films with a disaster or crisis theme–be it tornadoes, earthquakes, or disease diagnoses, etc.–some part of us might feel a little uneasy about seeing a movie about such a sobering topic, when movies are generally thought to be for entertainment. These kinds of film topics are not entertaining for those who suffer through them and live on after them.


However disaster/crisis genre films can also serve to educate us and to enlighten us to other people’s plights, to their courage, and to their resiliency in picking up the pieces of their lives and going forward. Or as Warner Brothers Pictures tweeted British actor Richard Armitage response at CinemaCon 2014 when he was asked about his upcoming film, Into the Storm:

“The power of nature is both terrifying and awe-inspiring. But even more powerful is the human spirit.” Richard Armitage, March 27, 2014, CinemaCon 2014

Well said, Mr. Armitage!

So yes, I saw the tearjerker 1983 film Terms of Endearment two years after my mother had died from cancer–not wallowing in the movie death, but taking comfort in the mother-daughter relationship it portrayed and remembering my own dear mother and our struggle during her long illness. And though I have come too close for comfort, I have not experienced a direct hit from a tornado yet–spits three times, turns around, knocks on wood, etc.–I will eagerly go see and support Mr. Armitage’s new film Into the Storm, when it opens in August 2014 in the US. I won’t be going for the thrills–of which I’m sure that the special effects department is working overtime on based on production stills (above and elsewhere) and the Warner Bros. Pictures teaser trailer (below)–but for, the inspiration of the human spirit.







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