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Fun Day Sunday: Updates on OpeRAtion “Into the Storm” 2014 Planning; and Polls, June 29, 2014 Grati, saraobsessed, Obscura; Marie; &RAUS (Post #5)

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So far, we have individuals sharing their OpeRAtion Into the Storm 2014 opening twzpaOpeRAtionIntotheStorm2014GravatarJun0814GratianaLovelace_600x428cropweekends that the exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage’s Fans viewing gathering planning for three cities–Chicago (Aug. 8-9), New York City Aug. 9?), and Atlanta (Aug. 8th, this is a new date).

Please check back regularly for the info in those event tabs above as we build more information about these events and their itineraries. I have shared some of the tentative Chicago itinerary info early–ably assisted by saraobsessed and Obscura who have wonderful ideas–and I will pare down my verbose description in the Chicago tab above. Ha!

Recently Richard Armitage US suggests a tentative itinerary for their Sunday August 10th film viewing in Atlanta, Georgia (US) — Brunch, see the film, then have drinks or dinner after. And finally, more news is pending about a New York City gathering from Marie Astra.


So once again to help with planning–now on this OpeRAtion Into the Storm 2014 event website, here is a little poll:


And as one might expect since we are barely 5 weeks away from the worldwide GratisAltTag-forIntotheStorm-toWB_Jun2714GratiCap-sizedrelease of Into the Storm on August 7th & 8th (US), studio marketing is ramping up for the film.   Here is the latest marketing tag line from Warner Bros. Pictures–and my response to it with my alternative tagline suggest (right):


Though, I think Richard Armitage’s response to an interviewer’s question RichardArmitage-CinemaCon2014-QuoteaboutHumanSpirit_Jun1514WarnerBrosPicturesabout Into the Storm is a succinct synopsis of the film–and a better tagline (right):


You see, disaster films–good ones, IMHO–are ultimately about how people survive, cope, and move forward with their lives after the devastation. And that is why I am interested in seeing Richard Armitage’s new film Into the Storm, opening in the U.S. August 8th–what happens with the people.


But my interest in seeing the film Into the Storm might be very different from yours. So please take the quick poll below if you would like to share your reasons for seeing the film:




P.S. And as an extra treat, pasted below  is the lovely fan made Into the Storm movie poster by Fernanda Matais and earlier shared on The Anglophile Channel’s Facebook page:


 Update July 1, 2014–Please note that RA US planning the Atlanta RA Fans viewing gather has changed their date to Friday, August 8th.  I have noted that change above.


Tornado Thursday: New “Into the Storm” Trailer Amazes! June 26, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #04)

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This film is going to be a block buster!  And Richard Armitage  (right, picture with costar Sarah Wayne  Callies; image courtesy of RANet) is at the center of  “Into the Storm”. IntotheStorm--RichardArmitageandSarahWayneCallies-viaNBNathanKress2-19June14_Jun2214ranet

Thanks to richardtreehouse for retweeting the new trailer link:


For more about the talented British actor Richard Armitage’s career, visit

Fun Day Sunday: More “Into The Storm” Production Stills Shared, June 22, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #03)

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As reported by RANet this past week, a fan of the  Into the Storm actor Nathan Kress–who portrays Trey, the son of lead actor Richard Armitage in the film who portrays Asst. Principal and Teacher Gary Morris–Twittered new production stills for the August 2014 Into the Storm:


IntotheStorm--RichardArmitage-viaNBNathanKress1-19June14_Jun2214ranet                              IntotheStorm--RichardArmitageandSarahWayneCallies-viaNBNathanKress2-19June14_Jun2214ranet

Richard Armitage as Gary Morris            Richard Armitage and Sarah Wayne Callies as storm chaser Allison Stone


IntotheStorm--RichardArmitage-viaNBNathanKress3-19June14_June2214ranet                             IntotheStorm--NathanKressandRichardArmitage-viaNBNathanKress4-19Jun14_Jun2214ranet

Richard Armitage as Gary Morris           Nathan Kress and Richard Armitage


To view all of the production stills with Richard Armitage in them, visit RANet here.


Into the Storm is a film that seeks to authentically portray the devastation tornadoes wreak upon people and their environment. It is a topic that is not for the faint of heart. It is once again tornado season where I live in the Midwest of the US, in Illinois–and we are always attuned to weather alerts and watchful in case we need to take cover. Last November’s near miss of us–when a nearby town was hit with tornadoes–was a sobering reminder that Tornados can come upon you quickly and without warning. Still our end of town had one foot in diameter electric power poles snapped in two by related windstorms as easily as if they were toothpicks and several buildings and store signs with wind damage that had to be repaired or replaced.

And a few tornados have already hit in neighboring states thus far this Tornado season. Sadly, further West of Illinois in South Dakota, residents recently experienced a violent tornado that devastated Wessington Springs, South Dakota last Wednesday. Happily, no one was killed, but many were injured and dozens lost their homes.


I state this as a reminder that tornadoes are not “fun”. They are not an adventure for “thrill seekers”–despite how much we might marvel at Mother Nature’s wrath. Tornadoes devastate people’s lives. So when we attend films with a disaster or crisis theme–be it tornadoes, earthquakes, or disease diagnoses, etc.–some part of us might feel a little uneasy about seeing a movie about such a sobering topic, when movies are generally thought to be for entertainment. These kinds of film topics are not entertaining for those who suffer through them and live on after them.


However disaster/crisis genre films can also serve to educate us and to enlighten us to other people’s plights, to their courage, and to their resiliency in picking up the pieces of their lives and going forward. Or as Warner Brothers Pictures tweeted British actor Richard Armitage response at CinemaCon 2014 when he was asked about his upcoming film, Into the Storm:

“The power of nature is both terrifying and awe-inspiring. But even more powerful is the human spirit.” Richard Armitage, March 27, 2014, CinemaCon 2014

Well said, Mr. Armitage!

So yes, I saw the tearjerker 1983 film Terms of Endearment two years after my mother had died from cancer–not wallowing in the movie death, but taking comfort in the mother-daughter relationship it portrayed and remembering my own dear mother and our struggle during her long illness. And though I have come too close for comfort, I have not experienced a direct hit from a tornado yet–spits three times, turns around, knocks on wood, etc.–I will eagerly go see and support Mr. Armitage’s new film Into the Storm, when it opens in August 2014 in the US. I won’t be going for the thrills–of which I’m sure that the special effects department is working overtime on based on production stills (above and elsewhere) and the Warner Bros. Pictures teaser trailer (below)–but for, the inspiration of the human spirit.






Fun Day Sunday: OpeRAtion “Into the Storm” 2014 Opening Weekend Film Viewing Planning Expands, June 15, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #02)

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nIntotheStorm-bookmark-staticspace-WarnerBrosJun0714GratianaLovelace_1600x400Now that several of us Fans/Admirers of the exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage have expressed interest in proactively supporting his new film “Into the Storm” by viewing the film its opening weekends around the world, the next phase of planning various OpeRAtion “Into the Storm” 2014 (left) city/region events begins.

Visit here for a brief synopsis of the film, “Into the Storm”, about how people must RichardArmitage-CinemaCon2014-QuoteaboutHumanSpirit_Jun1514WarnerBrosPicturesconfront a natural disaster–in the form of deadly tornadoes–to save themselves and others in a dramatic story about survival and courage. Or as the “Into the Storm” film’s star Richard Armitage stated recently (right) at Cinema Con 2014 in March 2014, “But even more powerful is the human spirit.” Well said. And with the film’s special effects masters creating fearsome images as in the gifs below, “Into the Storm” will surely keep us on the edge of our seats:




Some of the earliest opening weekends for “Into the Storm” are in North America (where I am) the weekend of August 8 – 10th–for the U.S. and Canada. For other countries’ opening weekend dates, visit the Warner Bros. Pictures site here.   Other August 8th film release date countries are Estonia, India, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, and Taiwan.   Though, you will see that Eastern Europe and elsewhere have a slight edge with some release dates as early as August 6th (Belgium, France, Switzerland/French), August 7th (Croatia, Czech Republic, Puerto Rico, Malaysia, Phillipines, Russia, Serbia & Montenegro, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Thailand, and Ukraine).

Everywhere else in the world has “Into the Storm” film release dates that occur a little 2009-vector-world-map-com-v2.2_Jun1514GraphicsFactoryCC-sizedlater–it is a trade off of a longer to wait to see the film, balanced with there is more film viewing gathering planning time. So if we were to populate the map at right with colored dots with all the “Into the Storm” film release dates, we would see that Warner Bros. Pictures has a very wide international release for the Steven Quale directed film, “Into the Storm”. But due to time constraints that creating such a graphic would require, I will let you imagine the dots. Ha!

Back to OpeRAtion “Into the Storm” 2014 film viewing gathering planning issues:

So for some of us (August 8th in North America, etc), the “Into the Storm” opening weekend–and RAs Fans viewing it that weekend to support it–is just 7 weeks away! So what is a Richard Armitage Fan to do when faced with an imminent Richard Armitage film viewing opportunity and fan gathering opportunity is fast approaching?

I like WWII British poster series of “Keep Calm and Carry On” (example poster at right)keep-calm-and-carry-on-sr229-small-400x400-imadkbp6szktvpdu_Jun1514flipkartcom-sized as a mantra. Keep Calm and Carry On embodies the essence of the British stoicism, resolve, and resiliency which Richard Armitage as a British actor brings with him: it is that stiff upper lip, never get ruffled, and “This blessed spot, this earth, this realm, this England” (Shakespeare, Richard II, Act II) famously quoted by Prime Minister Winston Churchill in one of his many oratorical masterpieces of galvanizing rhetoric that bolstered the English peoples during World War II when their human spirit was sorely tested).  And in admiring a man (RA) and a people (Brits & others) with these qualities, it doesn’t hurt us to try to emulate him and them–stiff upper lip everyone.


And these RA’s Fans “Into the Storm” film viewing events will more agreeably happen if two or more people in a large city or in a region take a deep breath and step forward to say they are willing to help organize something.


Yet, RA Fans “Into the Storm” film viewing event planning can be as simple as checking out theatres and settling on a theatre and viewing time and day, sharing that information to RA’s Fans via this web site and other social media, and inviting people to indicate whether or not they will be able to attend. Then everyone buys their own tickets ahead of time, they show up at the movie theatre, and they watch the film together. Easy peasy!


Or, if you anticipate some people traveling from further away to join your regional film viewing event–as we do for the Chicago gathering–and they might have an overnight, that opens up additional possibilities for RA’s Fans gathering together to chat and gush about you know who the day before the film viewing.



For example, for the Chicago, Illinois gathering listed below are some tentative suggested details (yet to be finalized per RAs Fans attending’s wishes) that I will also share in the Chicago August 8-9 event tab link in the horizontal bar near the top of this web site’s window:

1) The Chicago planners and attendee respondents have narrowed down their gathering dates (August 8 – 9th, 2014) with suggested approximate times yet to be finalized, but estimated below:


Aug. 8th , 2014 (Friday)
8 to 12noon — travel day and event attendees check-in at hotel
12noon lunch at hotel or other spot–such as the Walnut Room at Macy’s (formerly Marshall Fields) ;
1:30 – 3pm Shopping at Macy’s and nearby; and/or we could taxi to Crate & Barrel’s home store, etc.;
3 – 4:30pm Chicago site seeing (The Art Institute is a few blocks away, taxi to the Sears/Willis Tower, etc.)
4:30 – 7:00pm more site seeing or shopping, or rest, etc.
7 – 9:00pm dinner together, night life, etc. (restaurant yet to be determined, or we might take our chances and make a reservation earlier that day after we chat with everyone over lunch)
[This day is optional for ladies coming from further away, or even not so far away, who want more time to see some of Chicago and have plenty of time chat with other RA Fangirls, and to gush about you know who (Richard Armitage in character as Gary Morris in “Into the Storm”, right).]


Aug. 9th, 2014 (Saturday)
8:00am Breakfast (together or separately, it depends how late the night went, Ha!), then shopping;
9-11:00am other event attendees check-in for film viewing event at hotel (?)
11 – 1:00pm RA’s Fans have lunch nearby or at the theatre–such as MacGuffins restaurant bar ( with an age minimum of 21 years and up that is located at the AMC River East Theater site, as suggested by saraobsessed (Thanks!); and we could always split/share meals to save money since restaurant portions are usually quite large.
1:15 – 2:45pm (approx) View “Into the Storm” at the AMC River East Theatre — This is a very nice multi-storied theatre, multistoried with escalators or elevators to take you to your individual theatre. Judiang and I saw “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” at AMC River East in 3D HFR in December 2012. And the MacGuffin’s restaurant looked fun and nice, though we ended up eating dinner elsewhere. Thanks again to saraobsessed for correcting my memory about the theatre name.

2:45 – 4pm Back to MacGuffins restaurant bar?–or some other location–for debriefing about the film, our initial thoughts, farewells, etc.
5 pm and after? People depart for home on planes, trains, and automobiles


2) Additional considerations for planning a smooth trip for OpeRAtionpIntotheStorm2014ChicagoViewingPosterJun0714GratianaLovelace_400x686--sizedlarger “Into the Storm” 2014 (right) (that I will also share in the general event tab link above):
   a) Give yourself at least 30 minutes to get from point A to point B (train station to hotel, etc.) in Chicago;

Chicago is a big town and even taking taxis can be convoluted because of traffic jams, one way streets, and

construction, etc.;
b) Make sure that you have sufficient funds with you for your use in two methods–credit cards and cash are most often accepted,

but you will want to check on that ahead of time so that you are not caught unawares;
c) Site seeing venues like the Art Institute have specific rules about the size of bags/purses that you may carry with you to the

galleries– if your bag is too big (and their maximum size is quite small), you can check your bag/purse at the door; but you

might not like leaving it behind at the bag check. So think small with regard bags/purses; So shopping after site seeing might

be a better plan;

d) Chicago (right) in August is hot, but most buildings are air conditioned. So you chicago-skyline2_Jun1514chicago-data-com_sizedmight want to layer

your daytime site seeing and shopping and film viewing clothing so you can add or take off as

needed. Also, wear sensible shoes for comfort in walking. Finally, some places we go might have

an unstated, but understood minimum dress code–so flip flops are probably out. Your

feet with thank you. Ha! And though we are not going to choose a super fancy dinner venue

requiring cocktail dresses and breaking our bank accounts, nicely groomed attire usually works.

For example, I have a favorite 17 year old dressy dress in a classic style that is made of some

indestructible rayon type fabric (requires dry cleaning, of course, Ha!) and the dress looks as fresh as the day I bought it.

e) If you are staying overnight at a hotel on Friday night, you will likely have your suitcase/travel bag with you at the theatre on

Saturday–because hotel checkout times are usually around 12noon. Though we will see if the hotel we use (yet to be

determined for cost and to see if we can get a group rate) can store luggage for folks who won’t be leaving town until after

5:00pm on Saturday. So you might want to pack light, just in case.

f) Health challenges–if you have a food or mobility restriction or other challenge, you are probably used to working around it, as I am; but if we are aware of several of us with issues, then maybe we can combine forces for sharing taxis, etc. (unwiches for gluten free people, etc; bring your walkers or electric chairs for mobility challenged ladies); I’m due for knee replacement surgery sometime soon, so my trick knees and bad hip makes me slower, I am not able to stand for long periods, nor walk very far. I just have to rest for a few moments every so often. Though I’m trying to increase my stamina with playing golf this Summer, it is hard to predict how my bones will feel 7 weeks from now. Ha!  And that might be the same for you. So I feel your pain. And if we have a fast walking group and a slow walking group as we move between and within venues, that is fine. If you normally have a registered care giver or a service animal to help you meet your day to day needs, you will want to bring them with you–you are responsible for their costs–and you will want to check ahead of time with hotels and venues about their policies (with regard to the service animals). If you have another health issue that I haven’t thought of, please let us know how we can try to help you have a lovely time.   We may not be able to surmount every obstacle, but planning ahead and checking with venues ahead of time about people’s issues is key to adapting to situations as best we can.

g) 21 or older likely suggested for attendees?–since the convenient lunch or dinner venues we choose might have a 21 years age minimum because of alcohol being served (saraobsessed indicated that MacGuffin’s bar restaurant has such a rule), children would not be able to join us. And we have no capacity for setting up childcare arrangements.

h) Door prizes?
i)   Once I have an estimated count from the various North American venues for OpeRAtion “Into the Storm” 2014 RAs Fans opening weekend film viewing events about expected attendance numbers, I will ask Warner Bros. Pictures and/or New Line Cinema if they have any “Into the Storm” promotional items for give aways. Then if we are able to get anything, that will be distributed amongst the groups.
ii) Also, I have offered to refund the cost of an “Into the Storm” movie ticket, popcorn and drink (up to a $20 value) to the RAFan who attends the Chicago event form furthest away–though other city/region even planners might also attend other city’s events, they are not eligible for this prize. Similarly, if we are able to obtain limited numbers of “Into the Storm” promotional items–such that we do not have enough for everyone and they are randomly drawn door prizes, than I as a planner am ineligible to receive that;
iii) And/or, we can collect $1-2 dollars from RA’s Fans attendees when they arrive to fund another long distance RA Fan traveler’s

movie theatre costs reimbursement.


And did I mention? HAVE FUN!

Fun Day Sunday: OpeRAtion “Into the Storm” 2014 Web Site Launches for RA Fans Planning Film Viewing Gatherings, June 8, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1)

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Fans of the exquisitely talented British Actor Richard Crispin Armitage–aka Richard Armitage, orzzzPost#1--RichardArmitage_pix6_FaveBritArtistof2013Jun0714ranet-and-TheAnglophileChannel-sized simply RA [(1) right] — have made friends around the world in our blogging, tweeting, chatting, vidding, fan ficcing, graphic arting, and such.  And, we like meeting up with each other to view and to support RA’s artistic projects almost as we would enjoy (or have enjoyed, for some of you) meeting the man himself, Richard Armitage.  Almost. Ha!

So as the dates of the world wide release of RA’s latest film project “Into the Storm” approach, zzInto-the-storm-us-movie-poster-faketicket_May1814its-wb_wcredits-GratianaLovelace-manipseveral of us RA Fans have been talking about gathering together to view the film its opening weekend to support Richard Armitage and his film.   Opening weekend ticket sales can make or break a film’s subsequent success.   With the reasoning being that the more people who see a film–and the bigger the box office sales–this encourages others to give a film a chance and see the film, thus increasing overall box office sales and a film’s ranking of success based on ticket sales.

For more about the film, visit the official Into the Storm movie site, view the teaser trailer released by Warner Bros. Pictures here, and like “Into the Storm” on Facebook. Below from the Facebook page is an action shot from “Into the Storm” featuring Nathan Kress (far left) portraying Trey, son to Richard Armitage’s character Gary Morris (middle), who is shielding storm chaser Allison Stone portrayed by Sarah Wayne Callies (far right). The list of filmmakers for “Into the Storm” include Producer Todd Garner, Director Steven Quale and writer John Swetnam, among others. Produced by Broken Road Productions and New Line Cinema, “Into the Storm” is a Warner Bros. Pictures production.


There are about nine cities/regions mentioned so far where RA Fans have indicated to me that they are willing to try to plan an “Into the Storm” viewing gathering in their region, or they would like to attend a viewing gathering (in the U.S. except where noted):

Atlanta Georgia                    Chicago Illinois                      Berkshire/London (England)

Boulder Colorado                   Los Angeles California         New York City New York

Portland Oregon                   Toronto, Canada                    Washington, D.C.

It is helpful to have two or three people organizing each city’s/region’s event so you can share the planning details. But we hope these events will be low stress for the organizers–identifying movie theatre venues and a time to see the film in their region, publicizing that information here and elsewhere, with potential attendees indicating their plans to attend and buying their own tickets ahead of time. Keeping this film viewing planning streamlined and not overwhelmingly complicated is key to having fun Operation “Into the Storm” 2014 gatherings for everyone.

For example, myself, saraobsessed, Obscura, and others are working together to plan a Chicago pIntotheStorm2014ChicagoViewingPosterJun0714GratianaLovelace_200x343sidebarsizelocated RA Fans meet up “Into the Storm” film viewing on Saturday, August 9th [(2) right] –lunch, see film, chat after film–with potential additional activities (site seeing, dinner, etc.) for those of us who might travel into town the day or night before (on Aug. 8th).  Hey!  What happens in Chicago, stays in Chicago.  Ha!    So we are also looking into seeing if we can get a discount rate for a block of rooms, restaurants, etc. And as a further enticement, I have offered to pay for the movie ticket, popcorn, and drink (up to $20) of the RA Fan who travels to Chicago from the farthest away–or we can take up a $1 collection when we arrive for that purpose–in case we want to have two prizes, etc.

But some Operation “Into the Storm” 2014 film viewing events might simply be RA Fans meeting up to see the film and maybe chatting afterward.  And that is okay–we are each supporting Richard Armitage’s film in our own way.  Whatever organizers want to plan for their event is fine–as long as “they” plan it. And the simplest is RA Fans viewing the film its opening weekend by themselves even if there isn’t a fan gathering in their region. All RA Fans viewing formats support Richard Armitage and his film, “Into the Storm”. It’s all good.

And I am also hoping to share ideas with other RA Fans organizing a viewing gathering in their area by creating this general web site where the organizers of each region’s events may share their information with potential attendees and everyone else. In the coming weeks,I will work on setting up sub pages to this website  for each of the cities/regions that have people willing to organize a gathering.  And I will ask those organizers to email me their text and graphics so I can begin to setup their event information pages. I will email them this coming week with this site’s new email address.

I am also going to see if Warner Brothers Pictures or New Line Cinemas have small promotional items for “Into the Storm” to give away–such as lanyards, key chains, or t-shirts, etc.–and plan to ask if they might make them available to us as a group or for door prizes.  So closer to the event, I will need each organizer to let me know their potential numbers and then I will make one request for all of us.  Fingers crossed. That way, the producers/studio are not receiving multiple requests.

Please use the “Contact Operation Into the Storm 2014 Admin” link to contact me with your general ideas or questions.  Or, if a particular post invites your response or vote on a poll, please comment/vote with that post. When we have contact information publicized for the individual cities/regions that might have an RA Fans Operation “Into the Storm” 2014 film viewing event, I will ask that you contact those lead organizers directly for questions related specifically to their event planning.

My hope is to post a featured article about OpeRAtion “Into the Storm” 2014–either written by me orzzzPost#1--ArmitageFansGoogleMapLink_Jun0714TannniStradeDeCom by one of the other regional film viewing event organizers– on “Fun Day” Sundays, but perhaps not every Sunday, until we get closer to the initial release of “Into the Storm” and our RA Fans film viewing gathering events in North America on August 8-10th.  Then if there are RA Fans planning film viewing events in other countries–because Richard Armitage Fans live literally around the world, right (Go Global Team Armitage! Ha!)–and you want to share your information on this site, I am happy to make a sub page for you and post pertinent information related to your event that you provide to me.

I am initially building this website as of June 7th, 2014. I hope to include helpful links across the top and along the right sidebar of this website as I develop them. I am still learning how to use this particular “theme” or web site format, so please bear with me as we go along. So there will be inevitable tweaks and additions. I am counting upon my fellow RA Fans to gently make suggestions about features to this web site to make it as user friendly as possible.  Some suggestions we will able to do, and some not–because we are using a free website template, and super duper whiz bang features often cost money.  Ha!

zzzPost#1--RichardArmitageasJohnProctorPortrait_Jun0114TheOldVicIn closing, let me give a heartfelt cheer for the man whom we all so admire–as much for his talented acting and storytelling as for his kind and gentlemanly demeanor and his witty self-effacing humor–Richard Armitage. And oh yeah, love that riveting piercing gaze and smoulder of his.  Sighhhh!  *THUD*

Thanks and Cheers!   Grati  June 8, 2014
aka Gratiana Lovelace


References not hyperlinked above

1)      Portrait of Richard Armitage being interviewed by The Anglophile Channel for him winning the Favorite British Artist o f 2013 Fan Award was found at at the wonderful resource site at

2)      The Operation “Into the Storm” 2014 Chicago Aug. 9th RA Fans viewing event poster is a composite of two images:
a) background image is the official movie poster slightly altered (added credits, etc) found at ; and
b) Masked image of Richard Armitage as Gary Morris with his sons (portrayed by Max Deacon and Nathan Kress) found at